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Monday, December 29, 2014

The most beautiful carvings nails Ttagay at the end of the year

Tfnni draw your nails

تفنني برسم أظافرك

Atalaltk occasions will not be completed in the end of the year, but enough to give your hands toenails area of interest by selecting Embossing distinctive Manicure reflect the joys and adds elegance to a theme in general.
And decorated nails this season with carvings and colors inspired by the Christmas holiday Koloan red, green and gold colors of the cold winter Kalozark and white and silver with inscriptions attractive, and crystal beads adhesive so increase your nails luxurious and irresistible charm.
Atalaaa on the set pictures that we've taken you to the most beautiful colors and Nakecat, and Recruit them what fits occasions you will be in the end of the year, Ttagay beautiful and feminine.

Golden Black glamor and elegance

بريق الذهبي واناقة الأسود

Red charm turns off

سحر الأحمر لا ينطفئ

 مع حبات الكريستال

برودة الشتاء

ألوان تحاكي شجرة الميلاد

الأزرق ساحر بلونه

الثلوج تتناثر على أظافرك

الموف الأنيق

الوان تبعث البهجة

1 للرئيسية- سحر الفضي والأزرق من وحي الشتاء.

Goodbye to overwork your skin such as New Year's Eve

Would you like to receive 2015 featured Sahrah with your loved ones, but you want quickly get rid of signs of fatigue, bloating and wilt on your skin?

 If, class of this program for a period of one week you get to a bright complexion and Menthah through appropriate New Year.

 وداعاً لإرهاق بشرتك قبيل رأس السنة

- Make sure during this week to sleep early and regularly thereafter, Vhz contributes to a renewal of skin cells and makes it tight and bright.

- Eat a morning cup of water with a few drops of lemon juice to flush out toxins from your skin, it gives your skin will be pink and removes yellowing and signs of fatigue them.

النوم مبكرا يساعد على تجديد خلايا البشرة

-tnola Brewer's yeast tablets three times a day (Tgdenha in pharmacies), they are rich in vitamin family, "b", which earn your skin smoother and remove facial blisters, especially acne.

- Use a mask peeled to remove dead cells from the skin (once a week), and we recommend Pmask yogurt (curd) with a little sugar. Leave the mixture on your skin for 10 Dakka \ s then rinse with lukewarm water.

الماء البارد مع الليمون صباحا يجعل بشرتك رائعة

Moist skin twice during the week, natural oils, and we recommend sweet almond oil or coconut oil. These oils nourish your skin and dry struggling.

- Use am compresses the option to remove from the area around your eyes bulge, and evening compresses potatoes or used tea bags to get rid of dark circles around them.

- Moist lips moisturizer rich components of honey or oil and aloe vera to Alglseren you get on the lips smooth drought-resistant.

- Do not pass Tfota cube of ice on your face every day because he will tighten the skin and reducing wrinkles.

- Finally, I eat my meal daily fruit two hours after you eat the food, and between the two types of bananas, apples, oranges, avocados and grapes, they are one of the most nutritious fruits for your skin and granted by the freshness and softness struggling signs of aging.

كمادات الخيار تزيل الانتفاخ

This class weekly program, and get a fantastic beauty skin through appropriate New Year's Eve

7 simple tricks to the eyes look more youthful

Health and beauty of the eyes is the way certain to get a more youthful views. It's time to learn together some effective and proven tricks aesthetic Ttakchi of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and Tattiyki larger than the real age younger.

Here are some simple tricks aesthetic appealing to a more youthful eyes with your life.

1. Water

Moisturizing the skin is the most freshness and vitality. Dry skin is the primary reason behind the cracks the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. To keep your skin moisturised and supple, not Ngvla drinking water and abundant quantities throughout the day. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, and also advised to take a cup of warm water with lemon juice in the morning to restore the freshness of the skin. Also, some foods help keep moisturize the skin internally as sources of omega-3 from flax seeds, nuts, and fish oil.

2. moisturize the eyes

Wetting the area around the eye area also externally of the basic steps to protect the eyes and maintain freshness. Use a moisturizing cream or serum appropriate care circumference of the eye. Do not forget to use Serum rich factor for the prevention of sunlight during the day. Well advised to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from exposure to ultraviolet rays that cause damage to the eye contour. At night, use eye creams rich in vitamin A, and K to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

3. primer

To keep your eyes more attractive freshness, use a little primer on the eyelids before putting makeup. Where primer helps to hide the appearance of fine lines and completely covered to prevent accumulation raised Make-up inside. This helps to make-up stability for long periods and avoid the appearance of wrinkles sustainable.

4. Alkoncelr

From the most basic uses of Koncelr are raised to hide dark circles under the eyes. Where Alkoncelr works magic as a means to hide dark circles and raised stress on your eyes. Choose Koncelr creamy yellow with grades equivalent to grades or dark circles under the eyes blue lines.

For makeup perfect eyes, you can use tea bags to treat swelling of the eye. Only Put tea bags used in the refrigerator for some time, and then put them on your eyelids for a few minutes. Tea bags contain caffeine, which helps when cooled to constriction of blood vessels and remove swelling.

5. Application Alaaleiner correctly

Alaaleiner prefers to use black on the upper eyelid to the eye only. Determine the bottom of the eye helps to attract attention fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. Your eyes may also appear as smaller. Large eyes gives the appearance of a more dynamic. Therefore, use shadows Fatiha white or beige such as color to determine the bottom of the eye, with the use of mascara.

6. healthy nutrition

Attractive to the eyes of a vibrant, Take care of health nutrition. Iron deficiency is the most important reasons behind the appearance of dark circles and swelling of the eyelids as a result of lack of oxygen supply. Eat foods rich in iron leafy vegetables, legumes and dark chocolate to avoid anemia and maintain a healthy body fully in general, the eyes in particular.

7. The correct sleeping position

Of course the correct sleeping position greatly affect the appearance of wrinkles in the area around the eye area. Use pillows to raise your head a little bit during sleep, which helps to prevent the stability of fluid under the skin around the eyes.

Also, the aesthetic of the most important tricks to keep the freshness of the eyes and prevent the appearance of dark circles, swelling of the eyelids and wrinkles are getting a sufficient period of sleep for a period of not less than seven hours during the night.

Natural mask for a long, strong nails in winter

You might want to get a long and attractive nails Nightlife in winter and the new year to paint the attractive appearance and perfect.

In this article is how to prepare a natural mask for a long, strong nails before the evening to paint on your friends look attractive and gorgeous


½ cup boiling water
Large tablespoon honey
Tbsp gelatin
Lemon juice
Spoon Balm


Dress mixing ingredients in a suitable vessel until you get a homogeneous mixture.
Leave the mixture to cool and then national fingertips put your hands in the mixture for 5 minutes and then Arfehma national Bgzlema with soap and water.

Repeat this process until Christmas and Sttfajoa long and wonderful nails.

Try orange and milk for skin whitening body!

Body Skin Care requires the use of high-quality cosmetic products which are costing a lot of money, so as to contain the lotions on the lower proportion of chemical substances and contain a higher proportion of natural materials.
Give me this article in your hands the way the mixture of milk and orange juice to lighten skin and body care for them are white and free of annoying skin problems.


Cup milk
3 tablespoons of the herb glutinous
Dry orange peel powder
Tablespoon honey


Dress mixing ingredients in a suitable vessel until you get a coherent and homogeneous mixture.
Rinsing the national body skin with this mixture and wait for 20 minutes and then wash skin Begin in lukewarm water for Ttakchi from the remains of the mixture.
Repeat this process 3 times a week you get a free white skin of dark spots.

Aliki this wonderful group of distinctive bags beautiful views in the days of the holidays

بالصور، اكتشفي ابرز الشنط للعيد

It is known that the feast colors are limited to black and gold, silver, red, so, of distinctive that these colors you choose a distinctive view of the holiday, but make sure to way Atalaltk coordinate so as not to look like a strong, if a mistake in the coordination of these colors, Atalaltk is striking looked!

اختاري للعيد كلاتش دولتشي آند غابانا المميز

So, we advise you choose distinctive bags red, silver, gold and black colors in this, the group of distinctive Alkllachat that fit you will be in the feast, with no cries Tnsaganha

كلاتش ممي للعيد من ماركة Edie Parker

1. official views: If you want to adopt a formal and elegant view of the holiday, we advise you choose medium-length dresses that comes the story straight and narrow, these dresses that can be coordinated with classic shoes Almarwsh from the front and which do you choose her raincoat story straight medium length.
Official views Also, you can adopt Fashion Skirt story straight medium length, this skirt that Tnsaganha with classic cardigans shirt or soft shirt or repentance short Bmodh the Crop Top with it and you choose the classic boots or ankle boots high heels and formal jackets.
And pieces that add an elegant touch, too, short shorts from Alpaji which Tnsaganh with soft shirts from lace or chiffon with Almarwsh front shoes or boots long leg

تالقي في العيد بحقيبة Furla المميزة

2. In order to view vital: For vibrant views, wear the dress story wide Flare and choose ankle boots flat Kahveh Chelsea or choose shoes long leg high heels and we water this dress with coat or Cape Almhalah and Shall Almtaba.
Also, you can wear formal trousers with ankle length which reaches an end and wear baggy sweater with printing drawings or writings with ankle boots and woolen socks and do not forget the short coats and jackets short.
In addition, Wear Short Skirt story of the flexor Flare also coordinated with soft sweaters with ankle boots or shoes for a long leg and we water above the coat with a straight story that reaches waist height limit.

3. views striking: SELECT black dress short and narrow on the body or the narrow waist and broad when Skirt story of the Fit and Flare or Wear dress Bmodh the Cut Out any that comes open on the waist or back, for example, or choose a dress long decorated Balbayit dome neck or chest or on the sleeves or shoulders and do not forget fur jackets and coats that add elegance to these views.

كلاتش مميز للعيد من ماركة Judith Leiber

If no matter how you choose to cut and fashion and whatever Atalaltk, you can with this distinctive Alkllachat coordinate with careful can choose these fashion pieces also primary colors of black or gray with a move away from Almitalickh Calfda or golden color, especially if the Alkllachat these colors.
تالقي بكلاتش ماركيزا المميز في العيد

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Errors can Tertkbhe when excess hair removal

Is the excess hair from the body removal are accompanied by all women. The're excess hair removal is always a process, but you Nevertheless, some common mistakes have Tertkben.
اخطاء ازالة الشعر الزائد

What must be avoided at Hair Removal

First, the majority of women think it is preferable to disarm excess hair after bathing to ensure cleanliness. But moisturize the skin and peeling process, contribute to reducing the rate of hair growth path of the opposite. Thus, the removal of hair after a shower and exfoliate your skin healthy way to feel fine

Second, pass on your skin shaving machine during hot water bath, it ensures full of hair will utterly. Valsguna working on inflatable skin, and therefore will not Taatmkny of shaving the hair from the root. Use cold water so that pulls the skin and emerge thinner filaments.

Second, pass on your skin shaving machine during hot water bath, it ensures full of hair will utterly. 
Valsguna working on inflatable skin, and therefore will not Taatmkny of shaving the hair from the root. 

Use cold water so that pulls the skin and emerge thinner filaments

No Tnzei your hair in the morning, where your skin is swollen and swollen due to sleep through the night, what will hide some of the capillaries, and will not Taatmkny removed completely. So choose the evening timing for hair removal, before Khalodk to sleep.

Finally, do not Tželj excess hair at the proximity of the monthly Drutk, because the hormonal changes in this period does not guarantee that the hair does not appear after a short period of disarmament. Also, you will feel more pain, because of the simple hair removal and bleeding may occur.

Beautiful hairstyles in the form of a rose

تسريحة الورده

تصفيفة الشعر روز Hinaon Atalaltk منخفضة إعطاء لمسة من الأناقة
تسريحة الوردة كشينيون منخفض تعطي اطلالتك لمسة من الاناقة

وهنا تصفيفة الشعر التي يمكن أن Ttalbhe من مزين الشعر
اليك هذه التسريحة التي يمكن ان تطلبيها من مزين الشعر

تسريحة تحتاج وردة إلى الكثير من الدقة في التطبيق

تحتاج تسريحة الورده الى الكثير من الدقة في التطبيق

الأزياء والاستجابة السلسة لأهم الأحداث
تسريحة ورده ناعمة لاهم المناسبات

زيني شعرك أكثر من زهرة
زيني شعرك باكثر من زهرة

الوردة تسريحة أنيقة جدا
تسريحة الورده انيقة جدا

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Simple ideas for making hair accessories hand

 صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

Hair accessories are among the accessories that follow her interest in women more, especially in the events they are more things that adorned women's hair in a private special events occasions, so today we'll give you Madam great ideas for making hair accessories with great ease and the utmost tenderness and less Heakh effort and will not take you to Madam only a few minutes until I graduated Bxssoar the ultimate beauty of simple materials from certain that it exists you have in the house, just what you madam not Tfota opportunity and pay attention to an approach to the way they make you hair accessories Tsenain to Taatzena in daily Talatk.

صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

What you'll need Madam in making hair accessories is a handle in the form of a rectangular comb and be of small or medium-sized depending on the density of your hair, and dress of your choice and you are of color that you prefer, then scissors, and then Start by cutting the dress on a scale length of the handle with the increase one centimeter and try to intrusive dress that I made between the teeth of the handle in the beginning Make a knot so as not to loose dress when daily your use him and try to be as small knots, and keep up the introduced between the teeth of the handle until you get in the form of accessories, and can then be used with various fashion Tatmedinha try to Tsenai group consistent with each daily Oziak which Tatmedinha.
صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

The second method for making and this time the hair accessories you will have this accessory from its adoption in their own paper or event and Onaguethen will need Madam to the hair shaped handle comb rectangular, and onyx, and glue the good kind to arbitrary pasted Garnet in order not to fall, try Madam that the official agate and shape you want it that you like and stratified on the handle and Elsqui Garnet tightly so as not to fall in the fourth to give you a wonderful and beautiful form, it is a very easy way Madam will give you a sophisticated hair accessories you can adopt in Shratk or daily Khrjatk.
صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

صنع اكسسوارات الشعر

Make Your Own Flower for Fashion or Hair - DIY & Crafts For Moms

Designer of the Week - A Little Bit Craftsie? In Review - Wild Strawberries and Delicious Red Apple Hair Clips! | KID independent – handmade for kids

Discover with us the coolest models wedding dresses around the world to look glamorous night life

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

If you heard the word of the wedding goes to our mind the most is the wedding painted white and white dresses with him asking, and imagine the bride princess in this dress, because this color and this selection of models of wedding dresses are more popular around the world, and this lineup back of wedding dresses white to past centuries, making it characterized Elashikih and that's when chosen by Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland to be Bdltha in her wedding ceremony of Farnss Doven the king of France, and this goes back to the year 1559, and this is what made all the princesses and queens since then to this day Ataln in their weddings white Pfstan, making a lot of girls and women as well as Alrakiet Iltjon to this selection of wedding dresses in white, so today brought to you Madam most prominent fashion magazine models wedding dresses around the world for the most panoramic views Tkchwi for brides in different countries.
موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

The kaftan between models wedding or formal gown for the bride in Morocco dresses, it is a variety not devoid of creativity that Otguenth fingertips craftsmen traditional Moroccan, Morocco has marked this traditional costume outstanding, the popularity extensive in the world, it reflects the luxury panoramic and high-end Moroccan bride that worn Day joy for at least nine different designs of Moroccan caftan embroidered Balkristalat and beads illustrious making the bride are Balahrac and joy it brings him glitter beads and crystal, for more in-hidden aesthetic before her wedding day, and reflects the Moroccan caftan as well as the personal side of Moroccan women that damage refined elegance and vim and great significance, making it distinct from the various brides.
موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

Sari is the other models of wedding worn by the Indian bride in her wedding dresses, a well-known Pttrizzath and rich and remarkable inscriptions, and is the red color of the sari is the sacred color worn by the bride, has been choosing this color since ancient times to the present day but became Indian bride vary in color and the color red is no longer the color that adorned it, we have seen variations and many variations in sari colors, and is also applicable code of Indian culture and traditional Indian fashion to India, which is considered Indian women crown over their heads he may a big role in the making of worn more modesty and dignified.
موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف

Hanbok is among the models of wedding dresses in South Korea adopted the bride, as it is a traditional costume of the state and largely defined the world's vast popularity, and this kind of fashion is also adopted in official events in South Korea, and is a dress that wraps around a woman's body and connects the tape highest breast and wide belt at the waist, and draw the Korean bride short Bjacquit resembles Albuliro wide sleeves, and has been the color red is the color that was Iatmant in hanbok to have been the entry of new colors that are used by now.
موديلات فساتين الزفاف

موديلات فساتين الزفاف