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Sunday, January 25, 2015

This hot drink get irritated weight

Black chocolate is one of the nutrients that positively contribute to weight loss and mood modification. Accordingly, the Cuba of hot chocolate syrup contribute to the revival of warmth in the body, especially in the current cold weather, as well as in weight loss Balnho we want.

According to a number of nutrition experts, the dark chocolate helps to lose weight, because they stimulate the burning process and helps blood flow velocity. The careful eating rich dark chocolate with anti-private "flavonoids" oxidation helps clarity of mind, as well as its role in reducing weight, lowering high cholesterol in the blood.

You can set up a cup of hot chocolate drink and enjoy Bmmagah delicious and useful, especially in the cold winter days. If you like, you add some skimmed milk, but beware of add-ons such as caramel or vanilla because they spoil the importance of dark chocolate to lose weight.

Best tips to get rid of hair entanglement

البلسم بعد الشامبو يسهل من تسريح الشعر

Can not describe the feeling when women her hair tangled and full of the contract, this is the problem caused her unbearable pain in addition to that they waste a lot of time in order to get rid of the contract locks of her hair and get a hair's salary.

ابدئي بتمشيط الشعر من الأطراف

Gave you, dear women the most effective steps to avoid the complexity of your hair and discharged easily:

- Start unzip the contract and the parties tangled in your hair quietly by your fingers before you comb the hair fully, and you have to be patient in order to avoid the loss of a large amount of your hair or cut before resorting to contract it.

- Use a hair brush with large teeth and avoid narrow teeth that do not help Takchik of tangles and even lead to increased pounding and hair loss.

- Do not Tmhti your hair is wet with water, but Keep it moist from drying it and then used Karim moist, it helps to make hair feel soft and easy to comb addition to that Karim be essential oils which nutrients for hair.

- It is recommended that the use of Balsam after shampoo to nourish your hair and prevent interconnected.

أفضل النصائح للتخلص من تشابك الشعر

- You can also paint your hair (before showering directly) dedicated to children's skin after a bath oil. Pour a small amount of oil in the palm of your hands and rub the hair tangled by the then national combed your hair comb gently, then wash your hair with shampoo to clean it, and remove the oil residue. You can of oil for the entire hair to prevent the use of interconnected through a shower.

- Recruit and soft pillow cover (of satin fabric) so as not to intertwines your hair while you sleep, and you can also collected braid.

Try these effective tips, and say goodbye to tangled hair.

Beet unwilling to tight skin and healthy hair

الشمندر يمنح شعرك كثافة ولمعانا

The beets or what is known Balbnger second source for the production of sugar in the world, which is rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, folic, vitamin 6B, A, C, and can be taken boiled or added to the authorities or food dishes, is also used to dye pickles red.

 الشمندر يحارب تجاعيد البشرة

The most important aesthetic benefits of beets on your skin and your hair and your eyes:

- Beetroot helps to remove toxins from the blood and purified, and therefore reduces acne and pimples that invade the face due to impurities in the blood.

- Beet contains antioxidants that help reduce free radicals in the body and reduce the signs of premature aging on the skin, making your skin vibrant youth and vitality.

- Beetroot is rich in lycopene, which maintains the elasticity of the skin and protects it from drying out and wrinkles, also contains carotene, which helps maintain the health and beauty of the eyes.

- Carotenoids help inside the beets in maintaining hair density and improve hair growth, and the silica in beets help give hair a natural sheen.

 الشمندر يحارب تجاعيد البشرة

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Here's dear bride are some tips to help you capture the ideal and attractive image to ring Khtopetk or your marriage admired when deployed.

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

A lot of girls are keen to get married to capture a picture of an engagement ring and all the details of the title in front of his friends and relatives on the social networking sites. Here's dear bride are some tips to help you capture the ideal and attractive image to ring Khtopetk or your marriage admired when deployed.

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

-amutira Can choose natural lighting of the image in the outside or near a window.

-ahtmi Moisten your hands and put favorite color nail polish you have to you get a full Onaguethma condemns.

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

-akhtari Good ring corner and Focus on the feature that want to show in the ring.

-amutira That the background is distinctive and suitable for image capture.

-Your Zoom Tstamli in the camera, especially if you are using your cell phone.

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

-eltkotai Image carries the meaning of expressive position and try to be the image you add private and personal, without cost or manufactured.

-eltkotai More than a picture of the ring and then choose one image and beautiful to share with your friends on social networking sites.

-You Can use the well-known applications such as Photoshop Express and Afterlight to process the Editing and improve all aspects Pal Contrast and Saturation and Sharpness of the image.

-You Can also use many types of Filter, which affords you Alanstgram for great effects.

At the end, the love you and Sharkey Oalna everyone joy symbol which will bring together between you and your partner until the end of the age.

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

هكذا تلتقطين أجمل صور خاتم الزفاف!

Home easy way to restore luster of your skin

كمادات الأعشاب وسيلة فعالة للحفاظ على رونق البشرة

In the quiver of our grandmothers lot of beautiful stories, and also in Jabthen a lot of secrets that were aesthetic use it at home to take care of Bbashrthen Among these secrets herbal compresses to renew the luster of the skin and cleaned from the depths.

The mystery lies herbal compresses it helps to develop and install a large amount of herbal teas on the skin pores and thus Ti_rabha quick and efficient manner.

Preparation compresses Method: Bring a piece "gauze" sterile, Tgdenha in pharmacies, or cotton wool and then Igmséa in herbal marinade and place on your face when you're lying on your back for a period of not more than a quarter-hour.

- Chamomile mask: Put a tablespoon of the herb (camomile) in a glass of lukewarm water and let sit for ten minutes. Strain and Belli piece of gauze in solution and then put them on your face. This recipe helps to clean up from the depths of your skin and remove impurities them and relieve swelling of face.

 مغلي البنفسج يمنح البشرة نعومة وترطيبا

- Herb Alamarion mask: also called this herb flower Almarjah spring, which is available at Attarine. Soak the amount of a teaspoon of dried herb in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes. After the cool Astameliha same way mentioned earlier. This recipe works to clean and soften the skin and give it elegance.
مغلي البابونج لتفتيح مسامات البشرة

- Mask Violet (Pansy): Soak two tablespoons of the herb in a cup of lukewarm water for ten minutes. Drain and let cool and Apply as the previous method. Violet is a good herb to moisturize the skin and give it smoothness, as it softens the skin infections. Repeat twice weekly recipe

Madam hands .. the actual directory on your age Vdallalehma

Many women spend time and effort in themselves against the factors of time and care Ikmn focus on the face and neck area without taking into account the hands, which were considered actually the first evidence of the woman's age, followed by the neck and face. Therefore, we have dedicated this issue to help us to maintain a young and soft hands against all undergo as the skin is very soft hands and requires constant care to show a healthy and beautiful.

1. Peel:

National peel the skin of your hands from time to time (once a week at least) using a peeling house a mix of caster sugar with olive oil and lemon juice. This peeling benefit remove dead cells and makes your hands very soft as Aadahma to absorb Karim moist hands nicely.


Use a decent moisturizer to the hands on the clock, and we mean that literally, use a humidifier first day and after every time you wash the hands before going to sleep well.

Apply moisturizing cream in your handbag to assist with the regularity in the hydration process and you'll notice the difference immediately. Most importantly at this point is the use of appropriate and effective formulations.

3 recipes fantastic to lengthen your nails

Maybe you see may very jealously to your friends or fingernails toenails long and beautiful Stars and Taatmnin obtained after your suffering constantly break your nails and paper. If what is the solution? Here's the "is" the most important natural recipes that help you to strengthen your nails and lengthened in a short time.

Apple cider vinegar and egg yolks:

  You need to 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, one egg yolk. Mix ingredients well and take a piece of cotton and Grease the nails and surrounding tissue, and Wash with lukewarm water after ten minutes. This recipe works to strengthen your nails and lengthened and give them the glamorous attractive.

Olive oil and lemon juice:

Mix one tablespoon of olive oil and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice, then use this mixture on your nails and so well Ptdena. Leave on for a quarter of an hour and preferably wear soft gloves. Repeat this recipe 3 times a week and will help you get a long, strong nails.

Tomatoes and garlic:

You need to fruit tomatoes 0.2 cloves garlic, mashed, a pinch of salt. Mash ingredients together in a bowl accommodates your hands, then Soak your nails in it for a quarter of an hour after your nails rinse with cold water. Garlic works to nourish your nails with tomatoes necessary vitamins, especially vitamin "C", and Stdhishan of the score after Catcher your repeat this 3 times a week.

Friday, January 16, 2015

4 foods destroys the skin and make you acne

حب الشباب

Women keen worldwide on the best cosmetics in an attempt to appear the best shape possible mode.

But the food you eat greatly affects women in their backs look attractive without having to cosmetics, so you should food selection're taking it.

To maintain your health and your skin in the face of progress your life you have to avoid some foods that are harmful to your must dramatically.

On top of those foods that are harmful to skin:

1. blue cheese

One of the most dangerous types of foods that are harmful to your skin and your body in general because they contain a large proportion of saturated fat.

2. whole milk

You should stay away from drinking whole milk because it increases your chances of acne and increases the spread on the skin.

3. Corn flakes

Corn chips contain a large proportion of sugar, which hurt a lot of skin and makes exports more fat

4. red meat

Red meat mainly hurt your skin as it increases the chances of developing many serious diseases and help the emergence of acne

Make your own natural cocoa butter to moisturize and rosy lips in winter

Exposed to a lot of girls to dry lips and Thqqatha result of temperature change and cooler air, and that the lack of attention and care, cleaning and peeling lips leads to the accumulation of dead skin on them, which gives the appearance of your lips Java free of gravity.

So Begin now making natural cocoa butter from a safe and gentle on the skin sensitive components of your lips, to moisturize the lips and give it a feminine pink color attractor with ease.
Method of preparation of cocoa butter on your own:

Cocoa butter components:

- A small piece of beet.
- 2 tsp vitamin E
- A small bomb with a lid or pen lipstick finished and cleaned well.
- 3 teaspoons Vaseline
- Water teaspoon Word
- Teaspoon honey
- 1/2 small Mlak olive oil.

- Put on a piece of beet points of water, then Click it even begins to extract some red dots of them.

- Bring a small saucepan suitable modes with petroleum jelly and rose water, honey, olive oil and some red dots from beets.

- Put the pot on the quiet fire until all ingredients melt and become homogeneous, then lifted from the fire.

- Add the vitamin E to plug my heart.

- Pour heterogeneous components in the package or in the old red lip pencil.

- Put ingredients in the refrigerator after coverage.

- You can use cocoa butter a day, morning and night.

Hairstyles Bride Her hair of medium length new flavors

It is difficult for the bride hair of medium length hairstyle to choose a distinctive dresses up in her wedding, because most of the methods for this traditional canon length, unlike hairstyles bride Her long hair.

When we talk medium hair, we mean hair from the beginning of the shoulder until the first quarter of the back.

We offer you the solutions and modern hairstyles through the impressive bride attractive, and you can choose what suits you best.

Hairstyle in the picture looks like a horse's tail hairstyle fashionable, and taking into account here that the original length of the hair until the shoulder, but the ripples that have been applied showed shorter than the hair decorating amazing Bxssoar with hair raising of slightly higher with distinctive touches and raise the hair to the top for more magic and decorated Bxssoar both sides of the hair, locks and side simple

Attractive tail hairstyle is simple with the guard in front of the horse covers the entire front
Distinctive hairstyle Pshinaon back Bal_khaslat corrugated irregularly with the drop-down locks on the sides and decorate a rose colored side Alsimmon hair.

Hairstyle simple background cake with front guard and hair accessories adorned.

Hairstyle corrugated accessories with distinctive white hair on the side

Simple decorated Hinaon both sides and with the soft Bxssoar.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pictures: Make lipstick and moisturizer of your favorite eye shadow

Skin lips influenced by factors external climate and the health of the body's internal, where this region is characterized by the need to Bruguetha constant care, attention and moisturizing, thus exposing the lips of cracks and drought especially in the winter, or if the body is suffering from drought and lack of fluids derived.

In this article I present you with pictures making way lipstick and moisturizer and polished from the remains favorite eye shadow you have.

Make your own lipstick and moisturizer from eyes that prefer color shades:


Tray Vaseline
Little eye shadow color that Tfdilanh either glossy or matte
Small glass box

Preparation and Use method:

- Bring a small pack size clean with suitable cover.

- Put out a little Vaseline.

- Put on the box a little eye shadow that has been chosen.

Mzja content together lightly.

- Class a little touch of the polisher on your hands to experience the color, if you want to increase the degree of color you can increase a little eye shadow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Coconut oil formidable weapon to fight aging and Altjaaid..tarafa on other benefits


The coconut oil as an elixir of health and beauty, where it counts some of the stars of Everlast like American actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Australian fashion model Miranda Kerr to keep Rchaguethen and smoothness of their skin.

Magazine, "The Style" German explained that coconut oil is the ultimate weapon to fight aging and wrinkles, as it protects the body, which is known as "free radicals" that attack the skin cells, thanks to contain antioxidants, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

Coconut oil also has the ability to melt the fat abdominal area, and in order to contain triglycerides medium episodes, as well as it contributes to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood and improve digestion.

Aesthetically, the German magazine showed that coconut oil takes care of the skin well and gives it a smooth texture, and that if he was placed on a wet after a shower, for example.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Beauty and craftsmanship meet in Dior Grand Soir Origami

Manipulator hour lines purity and grandeur of stones .. Dior Grand Soir Origami reflect the versatility of the hands of artisans who create, also highlights the spirit of Japan evident through shapes and sizes designed with great precision.
It was in this time honored skills of experts in the art of bending fabrics and materials through a combination of black leather and satin enamel cap badges within the group.

In 2014, honors hour Dior Grand Soir Origami this relationship through the revival of the art of paper folding «Origami» flour. This ancient art dates back to more than 2000 years has been one of the most prominent form of references creativity in Japan aesthetic principles have been applied in many areas such as design and fashion.

Dior progress through the hour Dior Grand Soir Origami 33 mm size of the private expression of this aesthetic and literal way through the new design to drive this version. These grafted disks sweat Pearl was developed three-dimensional, resulting in an impact visually reinforced triangular story and the story of rectangles screw Gemstone that adorn the windows: sapphires, green garnet and red agate and diamonds. It is free to beads diamonds, sapphires pink and yellow sapphires, emeralds and Alspinl Rihani shredded in the form of triangles or characterless which adorn grafted sweat pearl disks. Add to that the impact of the weights swing graphic skinny, a gold-colored lacquer bright or thin (yellow lemon, floral fuchsia, purple, pink peaches, or blue celestial), and installed in the rear of the system of movement Elite from Zenith company where with all likely reveal punching sweat delicate pearl through the rear side of the body clock made of sapphire crystal transparent.