Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home easy way to restore luster of your skin

كمادات الأعشاب وسيلة فعالة للحفاظ على رونق البشرة

In the quiver of our grandmothers lot of beautiful stories, and also in Jabthen a lot of secrets that were aesthetic use it at home to take care of Bbashrthen Among these secrets herbal compresses to renew the luster of the skin and cleaned from the depths.

The mystery lies herbal compresses it helps to develop and install a large amount of herbal teas on the skin pores and thus Ti_rabha quick and efficient manner.

Preparation compresses Method: Bring a piece "gauze" sterile, Tgdenha in pharmacies, or cotton wool and then Igmséa in herbal marinade and place on your face when you're lying on your back for a period of not more than a quarter-hour.

- Chamomile mask: Put a tablespoon of the herb (camomile) in a glass of lukewarm water and let sit for ten minutes. Strain and Belli piece of gauze in solution and then put them on your face. This recipe helps to clean up from the depths of your skin and remove impurities them and relieve swelling of face.

 مغلي البنفسج يمنح البشرة نعومة وترطيبا

- Herb Alamarion mask: also called this herb flower Almarjah spring, which is available at Attarine. Soak the amount of a teaspoon of dried herb in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes. After the cool Astameliha same way mentioned earlier. This recipe works to clean and soften the skin and give it elegance.
مغلي البابونج لتفتيح مسامات البشرة

- Mask Violet (Pansy): Soak two tablespoons of the herb in a cup of lukewarm water for ten minutes. Drain and let cool and Apply as the previous method. Violet is a good herb to moisturize the skin and give it smoothness, as it softens the skin infections. Repeat twice weekly recipe


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