Saturday, December 20, 2014

6 reasons why your hair is thin

There are many signs that point to the beginning of the paper and your hair tint, perhaps best known to increase the amount of hair falling on the brush or the bathtub after layering. The question remains: Why less hair density, and increase the paper this way !!!
Global hair expert Vinnie Ferrara answer to the brand Nioxin that this may be due to many reasons, and there are "Madam Net" borne until you avoided :

1.altgosair in hair feed:
If you're taking free food from basic foodstuffs such as a protein and omega-3, vitamin B, iron and biotin, the hair will definitely be a poor food, Malnutrition has the greatest impact on all parts of the body, including the hair. If your diet is poor these components on a permanent basis, you should Taatnola vitamins tablets designed to strengthen the hair.
2. Do suffer from allergies ?? !!
Sensitivity can show a lot of strange ways, thinning hair is may be one of them, allergy may cause constriction of capillaries, which in turn leads to poor blood flow to the hair follicles. Therefore, Ferrara emphasizes that allergies can cause hair loss. He therefore advised the need to perform a simple test to see how the body's sensitivity and try to remove the causes of these allergies.

3.alxthar of use hot tools:
Hard on your hair to deal with extreme heat, so a lot of tools to use seshwar hair relaxer make your hair more paper and fragility. Therefore, Ferrara emphasizes the need to use these tools to medium temperature, this matter even though it will take time to smooth your hair but it would be safer, and if you are you go to the visits and meetings and Thtmin Planing hair permanently you then should use products protect hair from the heat with the need to leave the hair to rest a few days of these instruments from time to time.

4.ansdd the pores of the scalp:
Dead skin cells and fat accumulated on the scalp and dandruff may also contribute to filling the pores of the scalp which creates an unhealthy environment for hair growth, and thus the hair starts to fall. According to the words of Ferrara: If the soil is good, the hair that grows will not be as well !! Therefore, you should use shampoo to clean and sanitize your hair twice a week.

5.asthaddam faulty products:
Choosing the right shampoo, which supports the scalp and contributes to maintaining a significant impact in getting hair healthier and more power, and on the other side, the use of the wrong products could weaken the hair and make it more fragile. Look first for the needs of your hair to learn what products are appropriate to him.

 6.hermonat unstable:
The healthy hair is a testament to the health of the body, and on the contrary Poetry fragile slave evidence of hormonal imbalance, there may be a defect in the thyroid gland or the beginning of menopause. Test your hormones if you found a marked imbalance in your hair.


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