Wednesday, December 17, 2014

10 common mistakes in the world of make-up ... Tgnbhe!

"I like the confidence of someone who has make-up," It is a famous star of the black Terra Binks Tyra Banks that know how to choose the appropriate color to her skin, and the use of cosmetics basic cosmetic her. And you madam when you want make-up, you have to Tgide adopt ways that befit you. Followers with us the following points, to discover the most make-up errors that may Tertkpinha, and we'll show you how to avoid them, to get a natural makeup gives you confidence and excellence.
1. reduce or over-moisturize the skin
If your skin is too wet, it can be the basis for that slips into the pores, leading to highlight facial lines and wrinkles, may also gives you a look full of spots. You can combat this by using very light moisturizer.
If your skin is dry, in which case it may seem Macaiajk uneven. Therefore, you must first prepare your skin using a creamy moisturizer, give it some time to Tantqa it.

2. choose shades Alkoncelralkhati under the eye
This is common in the world of make-up error can actually draws unwanted attention around the eyes, highlighting the dark circles that are trying to camouflage concealment. Therefore, we recommend that experimental Alkoncelr on your hand, and choose a color that seems consistent and gives radiance. To get rid of the problem of choosing the right color, we recommend Eoncelr in orange, which fits most skin colors and hides dark under the eyes. The application Alkoncelr way, lies Balterbat under the eye from the outside towards the inner corner.

3. cream lay the foundation is not appropriate for the skin
When the color of your face and neck another color, then the color of the base is suitable for you, does not achieve its role in modifying the color of the skin and make-up for the rest of the boot. Experts believe that this problem is because of the cream base experience on Alid.alik to pay attention Madam to the skin color of the hand is darker than the color of your face, so you have to choose light cream base that seems closest to the color of your skin, under natural light through drawing lines along the jaw with a piece of cotton.

4. Excessive in a powdered
Many women believe that the transparent powder is the best natural products View. This is one of the most common errors, such as the powder settles in each of fine lines and wrinkles, and throws up dramatically. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a light oil-free powder, and used only when needed.

5. A lot of blush powder
Be careful not to fall into the mistake of not soluble powder and not mixing with your skin, which will make your cheeks Kalmhrj! We recommend you smile technology, and the application of the powder directly on the cheeks, from the bottom to the top.
As for the colors, olive skin looks better with dark bronze or powder blush, light-skinned with pinks, dark skin color with berries.

6-fee IRA Liner way that does not fit the shape of the eye
When you put kohl, you pay attention to the natural shape and size of your eyes. You can not that the official Alai Liner way beyond the form of a winged eye. We recommend the adoption of the high-Alai Liner small eyes, and stay away from graphic formats.

7. applying mascara heavily
Mascara works to intensify eyelashes, also draws attention to the eyes, to make it look Okprandma applied correctly. But when applied incorrectly, you may make your face is inconsistent and turning lashes to form filaments spider tangled. This is what happens when you make a trap a lot of mascara, to the point of becoming a much darker than the color of your eyebrows.

8. change the shape of the eyebrows is not worthy of your face
Eyebrows very high make you look older. Add to that the disarmament eyebrows constantly lead to hair damage, and makes its growth slow. Eyebrows to correct errors, we recommend a way hair hair color is identical to the color of your hair, natural look.

9. Lip Dark By
To keep the lipstick and make your lips seem larger, you must be alert and not to fall into the trap that is located by many women, through lip pencil that is darker than the lipstick color mode.

10. failure to remove make-up before going to sleep
This error may be one of the worst mistakes that can Tertkbhe right in your face. Whatever it was too late, or no matter how tired you are, you always have to do any time to remove make-up before going to sleep, so as not to Tstikzi with panda eyes, which is really bad for your skin. The make-up that fills the pores and increases the dead skin cells, and lead to acne.


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