Friday, January 16, 2015

Hairstyles Bride Her hair of medium length new flavors

It is difficult for the bride hair of medium length hairstyle to choose a distinctive dresses up in her wedding, because most of the methods for this traditional canon length, unlike hairstyles bride Her long hair.

When we talk medium hair, we mean hair from the beginning of the shoulder until the first quarter of the back.

We offer you the solutions and modern hairstyles through the impressive bride attractive, and you can choose what suits you best.

Hairstyle in the picture looks like a horse's tail hairstyle fashionable, and taking into account here that the original length of the hair until the shoulder, but the ripples that have been applied showed shorter than the hair decorating amazing Bxssoar with hair raising of slightly higher with distinctive touches and raise the hair to the top for more magic and decorated Bxssoar both sides of the hair, locks and side simple

Attractive tail hairstyle is simple with the guard in front of the horse covers the entire front
Distinctive hairstyle Pshinaon back Bal_khaslat corrugated irregularly with the drop-down locks on the sides and decorate a rose colored side Alsimmon hair.

Hairstyle simple background cake with front guard and hair accessories adorned.

Hairstyle corrugated accessories with distinctive white hair on the side

Simple decorated Hinaon both sides and with the soft Bxssoar.


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