Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pictures: Make lipstick and moisturizer of your favorite eye shadow

Skin lips influenced by factors external climate and the health of the body's internal, where this region is characterized by the need to Bruguetha constant care, attention and moisturizing, thus exposing the lips of cracks and drought especially in the winter, or if the body is suffering from drought and lack of fluids derived.

In this article I present you with pictures making way lipstick and moisturizer and polished from the remains favorite eye shadow you have.

Make your own lipstick and moisturizer from eyes that prefer color shades:


Tray Vaseline
Little eye shadow color that Tfdilanh either glossy or matte
Small glass box

Preparation and Use method:

- Bring a small pack size clean with suitable cover.

- Put out a little Vaseline.

- Put on the box a little eye shadow that has been chosen.

Mzja content together lightly.

- Class a little touch of the polisher on your hands to experience the color, if you want to increase the degree of color you can increase a little eye shadow.


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