Friday, January 9, 2015

Beauty and craftsmanship meet in Dior Grand Soir Origami

Manipulator hour lines purity and grandeur of stones .. Dior Grand Soir Origami reflect the versatility of the hands of artisans who create, also highlights the spirit of Japan evident through shapes and sizes designed with great precision.
It was in this time honored skills of experts in the art of bending fabrics and materials through a combination of black leather and satin enamel cap badges within the group.

In 2014, honors hour Dior Grand Soir Origami this relationship through the revival of the art of paper folding «Origami» flour. This ancient art dates back to more than 2000 years has been one of the most prominent form of references creativity in Japan aesthetic principles have been applied in many areas such as design and fashion.

Dior progress through the hour Dior Grand Soir Origami 33 mm size of the private expression of this aesthetic and literal way through the new design to drive this version. These grafted disks sweat Pearl was developed three-dimensional, resulting in an impact visually reinforced triangular story and the story of rectangles screw Gemstone that adorn the windows: sapphires, green garnet and red agate and diamonds. It is free to beads diamonds, sapphires pink and yellow sapphires, emeralds and Alspinl Rihani shredded in the form of triangles or characterless which adorn grafted sweat pearl disks. Add to that the impact of the weights swing graphic skinny, a gold-colored lacquer bright or thin (yellow lemon, floral fuchsia, purple, pink peaches, or blue celestial), and installed in the rear of the system of movement Elite from Zenith company where with all likely reveal punching sweat delicate pearl through the rear side of the body clock made of sapphire crystal transparent.



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