Friday, January 16, 2015

4 foods destroys the skin and make you acne

حب الشباب

Women keen worldwide on the best cosmetics in an attempt to appear the best shape possible mode.

But the food you eat greatly affects women in their backs look attractive without having to cosmetics, so you should food selection're taking it.

To maintain your health and your skin in the face of progress your life you have to avoid some foods that are harmful to your must dramatically.

On top of those foods that are harmful to skin:

1. blue cheese

One of the most dangerous types of foods that are harmful to your skin and your body in general because they contain a large proportion of saturated fat.

2. whole milk

You should stay away from drinking whole milk because it increases your chances of acne and increases the spread on the skin.

3. Corn flakes

Corn chips contain a large proportion of sugar, which hurt a lot of skin and makes exports more fat

4. red meat

Red meat mainly hurt your skin as it increases the chances of developing many serious diseases and help the emergence of acne


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