Friday, December 19, 2014

Learn about the types of pigments to choose what suits them

Do you change your hair color, but it turns out that the new color of your skin does not fit? Are you looking for a vibrant new color for your face re-Sunrise and youth? So we recommend you read our instructions, there are many women who love to change their hair color, and here we offer you many types of pigments to know what suits them, and the ways in which you can learn the appropriate type for you specifically.

1- Dye L'Oreal Paris
This dye Belgian-made and lasts for 3 months.

2- German dye Chollston
Preferably used for women with white hair, it helps to give a wonderful color for your hair.

3- L'Oreal dye Oxlans Foam
This is the best of the dye pigments in the markets, working Kalshambo, a foam-like hair shampoo wash, they are used, such as shampoo. The color begins to fade after washing your hair for a period of almost 28 times.

4- L'Oreal dye Castnj : custom-made for pregnant women and lactating company L'Oreal :
The most important characteristic of this dye is free of chemicals, which cause harm pregnant and nursing women.

5- French and dye made from natural materials Garnier :
Is a wonderful character and priced within the reach of everyone, available with cinnamon, pomegranate, and sunflower, olive oil, and avocados.

- The method of selecting the right type of dye for your hair:

National identification requirement hair in the beginning, do you want to hide the white hair or white hairs, which began to appear, and you get a new and different color, or do you want to renew your hair dyed the color of the foundation?

Many experts advised to choose pastel colors, to show their impact on the hair of a light color, and contrast on dark hair, you will animate hair dark preferred choice of dark color.

It is best to have your hair healthy and good condition before using the dye to you get the desired effect then continue using effective hair treatments once every month if possible.

Nationalist using natural oils to Tadji your hair before using the dye at 3 days.

Do not wash your hair the day before the day hair dye.

- The colors of the dye according to your skin

1- Skin prefer light or white colored blond hair dye medium, dark blond, warm red, light brown.

2- Medium complexion: dark chocolate brown, medium brown, and chestnut, dark and golden.
3- Skin brown: brown, brown Bdrjath, dark golden, warm red, blond honey, black, and bronze.


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