Monday, December 15, 2014

4 exclusive tips from an expert makeup Beyoncé

Characterized by global beauty expert Mally Roncal lively and fun, although it is a mother of three children, however, this was not an impediment to continued successes.
They always travel with Beyonce and considered her close friend, in addition to having a successful brand cosmetics production management, as well as regularly appearing on the global network QVC.

- Here is Mally Roncal involved advises 4 cosmetic tips, Flantbaha :
1.lltkhals dark circles :
Alkoncelr golden yellow or lighter than the color of your skin may help one notch to get rid of dark circles, which are always a dark color. Get a good product and open the color of your skin is only one degree, then Astkhaddmah as follows:
My little Alkoncelr gently on the lower eyelids, and then used a finger to pressure him from the inner corner of your eyes to the outside in the form of a semi-circle so you have consistent coverage everywhere.

2.ahsali skin glowing vitality :
To convert your skin dull and tired skin to skin a more vibrant you search for natural methods, or commercial products Kalchrimat. In case you choose you should take into account the commercial products do not contain talcum powder; they might give you a chalky complexion.
3.arfie level glow of your skin :
Most women choose Ikmn lighting products to try to reach the highest level of the skin glow, but many of Ikmn choosing the wrong products. Some women may choose creams essentially turned off, which does not reflect light permanently !! Others choose the white powder, which may increase the pallor of the skin and makes it boring.
So you can choose products that contain some glare orange or silver or even gold, and to select optimal product on your skin you blush choose shadows of glare silver if your skin is light, and if your skin is medium browning, you can use the shadows and blush with a golden glow, while If you are brunette with a tone bronze-products would be wonderful on your skin. Get the full radiance of the skin through the application of blush on the cheekbones and tip of the nose, with the application of shadows on the eyelids and brow bone.

4.Full gravity and temptation laaon :
You learn to trick Roncal for attractive and charming eyes just two pens processing of kohl, one black and the other dark colored Browns, or gray, or bronze, but.
Start by applying a black eyeliner pencil thin and deep on the upper eyelid or lower, or both, making sure to fill out the entire line of high-eyelid line.
• Use other kohl pencil and not gray color on the upper eyelid just above the black pen very gravity of views.
You can also replace the Balai kohl liner more attractive to look at if you are a professional in use.
For a broad impact of the eyes are not evaluating the withdrawal of kohl to outside eyes, but Use a heavy black mascara to do this effect.


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