Thursday, January 22, 2015

Madam hands .. the actual directory on your age Vdallalehma

Many women spend time and effort in themselves against the factors of time and care Ikmn focus on the face and neck area without taking into account the hands, which were considered actually the first evidence of the woman's age, followed by the neck and face. Therefore, we have dedicated this issue to help us to maintain a young and soft hands against all undergo as the skin is very soft hands and requires constant care to show a healthy and beautiful.

1. Peel:

National peel the skin of your hands from time to time (once a week at least) using a peeling house a mix of caster sugar with olive oil and lemon juice. This peeling benefit remove dead cells and makes your hands very soft as Aadahma to absorb Karim moist hands nicely.


Use a decent moisturizer to the hands on the clock, and we mean that literally, use a humidifier first day and after every time you wash the hands before going to sleep well.

Apply moisturizing cream in your handbag to assist with the regularity in the hydration process and you'll notice the difference immediately. Most importantly at this point is the use of appropriate and effective formulations.


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