Sunday, January 25, 2015

Best tips to get rid of hair entanglement

البلسم بعد الشامبو يسهل من تسريح الشعر

Can not describe the feeling when women her hair tangled and full of the contract, this is the problem caused her unbearable pain in addition to that they waste a lot of time in order to get rid of the contract locks of her hair and get a hair's salary.

ابدئي بتمشيط الشعر من الأطراف

Gave you, dear women the most effective steps to avoid the complexity of your hair and discharged easily:

- Start unzip the contract and the parties tangled in your hair quietly by your fingers before you comb the hair fully, and you have to be patient in order to avoid the loss of a large amount of your hair or cut before resorting to contract it.

- Use a hair brush with large teeth and avoid narrow teeth that do not help Takchik of tangles and even lead to increased pounding and hair loss.

- Do not Tmhti your hair is wet with water, but Keep it moist from drying it and then used Karim moist, it helps to make hair feel soft and easy to comb addition to that Karim be essential oils which nutrients for hair.

- It is recommended that the use of Balsam after shampoo to nourish your hair and prevent interconnected.

أفضل النصائح للتخلص من تشابك الشعر

- You can also paint your hair (before showering directly) dedicated to children's skin after a bath oil. Pour a small amount of oil in the palm of your hands and rub the hair tangled by the then national combed your hair comb gently, then wash your hair with shampoo to clean it, and remove the oil residue. You can of oil for the entire hair to prevent the use of interconnected through a shower.

- Recruit and soft pillow cover (of satin fabric) so as not to intertwines your hair while you sleep, and you can also collected braid.

Try these effective tips, and say goodbye to tangled hair.


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