Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Avoid wrong habits in dealing with your skin

Overlook a lot of girls on how to deal with skin may follow some wrong habits that may harm skin and even endure coarseness Among the most prominent of those habits
-alasthmam With hot water, which helps the skin of natural oils stripped, thus exposing it to the dryness and itching, a national using lukewarm water for the shower to keep the natural oils on your skin.
-ahmal Use sunscreen, beauty experts and dermatologists advised of the importance of wearing sunscreen with a protection factor of SPF 30 on a daily basis. This means that the neglect of the use of sunscreen during cloudy days may also harm the skin.
Dealing with skin violently, many people may use a towel to dry the skin violently. Constant friction may cause extract essential oils from the skin cells, thus leading to irritation and dehydration, drying of the skin properly, use the towel to dab lightly on the skin rather than rub violently.
- Use care tools unclean, makeup brushes, sponges, tweezers, and blades and other personal care tools are often kept in the bathroom shelves, becomes exposed to dust, dirt and remnants of excess oils. This means that those tools is a fertile environment for the accumulation of bacteria, which later transferred to the skin, leads to clogged pores and skin infection transmission.
- Contact with the skin, during the day, under the hands of the many touching contaminated surfaces filled with bacteria and germs. By touching the hand of the skin, a bacterial skin infection transmitted, causing acne common skin problems.
- Scratching the skin, you may feel during the day with some itching on the skin as a result of any cause, and have responded automatic reaction is to scratch the skin by nails. Repeat with scratching the skin leads to inflammation of the skin and dry, and the exposure.


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