Friday, January 16, 2015

Make your own natural cocoa butter to moisturize and rosy lips in winter

Exposed to a lot of girls to dry lips and Thqqatha result of temperature change and cooler air, and that the lack of attention and care, cleaning and peeling lips leads to the accumulation of dead skin on them, which gives the appearance of your lips Java free of gravity.

So Begin now making natural cocoa butter from a safe and gentle on the skin sensitive components of your lips, to moisturize the lips and give it a feminine pink color attractor with ease.
Method of preparation of cocoa butter on your own:

Cocoa butter components:

- A small piece of beet.
- 2 tsp vitamin E
- A small bomb with a lid or pen lipstick finished and cleaned well.
- 3 teaspoons Vaseline
- Water teaspoon Word
- Teaspoon honey
- 1/2 small Mlak olive oil.

- Put on a piece of beet points of water, then Click it even begins to extract some red dots of them.

- Bring a small saucepan suitable modes with petroleum jelly and rose water, honey, olive oil and some red dots from beets.

- Put the pot on the quiet fire until all ingredients melt and become homogeneous, then lifted from the fire.

- Add the vitamin E to plug my heart.

- Pour heterogeneous components in the package or in the old red lip pencil.

- Put ingredients in the refrigerator after coverage.

- You can use cocoa butter a day, morning and night.


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