Monday, December 29, 2014

Aliki this wonderful group of distinctive bags beautiful views in the days of the holidays

بالصور، اكتشفي ابرز الشنط للعيد

It is known that the feast colors are limited to black and gold, silver, red, so, of distinctive that these colors you choose a distinctive view of the holiday, but make sure to way Atalaltk coordinate so as not to look like a strong, if a mistake in the coordination of these colors, Atalaltk is striking looked!

اختاري للعيد كلاتش دولتشي آند غابانا المميز

So, we advise you choose distinctive bags red, silver, gold and black colors in this, the group of distinctive Alkllachat that fit you will be in the feast, with no cries Tnsaganha

كلاتش ممي للعيد من ماركة Edie Parker

1. official views: If you want to adopt a formal and elegant view of the holiday, we advise you choose medium-length dresses that comes the story straight and narrow, these dresses that can be coordinated with classic shoes Almarwsh from the front and which do you choose her raincoat story straight medium length.
Official views Also, you can adopt Fashion Skirt story straight medium length, this skirt that Tnsaganha with classic cardigans shirt or soft shirt or repentance short Bmodh the Crop Top with it and you choose the classic boots or ankle boots high heels and formal jackets.
And pieces that add an elegant touch, too, short shorts from Alpaji which Tnsaganh with soft shirts from lace or chiffon with Almarwsh front shoes or boots long leg

تالقي في العيد بحقيبة Furla المميزة

2. In order to view vital: For vibrant views, wear the dress story wide Flare and choose ankle boots flat Kahveh Chelsea or choose shoes long leg high heels and we water this dress with coat or Cape Almhalah and Shall Almtaba.
Also, you can wear formal trousers with ankle length which reaches an end and wear baggy sweater with printing drawings or writings with ankle boots and woolen socks and do not forget the short coats and jackets short.
In addition, Wear Short Skirt story of the flexor Flare also coordinated with soft sweaters with ankle boots or shoes for a long leg and we water above the coat with a straight story that reaches waist height limit.

3. views striking: SELECT black dress short and narrow on the body or the narrow waist and broad when Skirt story of the Fit and Flare or Wear dress Bmodh the Cut Out any that comes open on the waist or back, for example, or choose a dress long decorated Balbayit dome neck or chest or on the sleeves or shoulders and do not forget fur jackets and coats that add elegance to these views.

كلاتش مميز للعيد من ماركة Judith Leiber

If no matter how you choose to cut and fashion and whatever Atalaltk, you can with this distinctive Alkllachat coordinate with careful can choose these fashion pieces also primary colors of black or gray with a move away from Almitalickh Calfda or golden color, especially if the Alkllachat these colors.
تالقي بكلاتش ماركيزا المميز في العيد


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