Sunday, December 14, 2014

3 rules for red lips on the way Stars

Red Red lipstick is the global color who keeps the classic fashion always remains on the list of cosmetics, as it fits all skin colors and reflects light for brightening facial Fimng young look. But behind this color basic rules lies in the selection of the appropriate class.
3 rules for lipstick suitable for you
Rule 1: Find the right shade
When it comes to choose red red lips, you have to find the right shade for you. Follow the following steps:
-nzfa Well lips until you see the natural color
-ejrebi Lipstick on the upper lip
-qarna Upper lip with the lower
-If You have chosen lipstick darker than natural lip by two notches, you're've found the right color for you.

Rule 2: Choose a red color near to the color of your skin and your hair

This rule is essential in order to not be a strong color on your face and therefore you lose Listed by classic.
-If Your hair brown or black with a dark complexion, look for shades of red, which tends to brown. You can also use lipstick dark orange, red gold, coral color.
- If your skin is light we recommend using the color red cherry.
-alhqrawat With Anasabhn red coral dark-skinned, red, orange, or red copper.
-alhqrawat Fatiha Nnsahhen Skin color pink and red light
-losahab Red hair with dark skin they can use the color orange.
- While the owners red hair with light skin befitting them dark red color or the color of the berries.

Rule 3: soft lips red lipstick

Before applying any lipstick you should always make sure that your lips soft. Specifically the color red. Because this color tends to leak in a small lines around the mouth, so it's good to add some products primaries to your lips before using lipstick.
Do not be afraid to try lipstick red adoption!


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